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    After four years of plundering, the skinhead has succeeded in making his reputation no longer tainted. Not to mention being a political opponent, even his disciples can't stand it anymore, all ministries are taking action to fight back. together. The worst thing was Quan Quan, a rebellious man, who did not forget to bring disaster to himself, declaring a high-handed change of flag, hundreds of thousands of soldiers from Dien crossed the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau to attack Sichuan, stabbing and slashing everywhere. severe baldness. The Guangxi faction responded positively and joined the 56th Army in western Guangdong, which divided into two groups and swept through Guangdong and Hunan. The balding Sichuan army did not want to fall behind, one after another, tearing down the blue sky and white sun flags, raising the red flag... The water of liberation flooded in just half a minute and a year, the red flag has been pulled up in most provinces across the country. When the skinhead was desperate, he could only bring his family and his last group of close friends and hastily fled to the United States. He didn't even need to go to the island's owner, because Treasure Island had also been taken over by the Red Navy. There is no other way but to go to America to establish a government in exile. How long this government in exile will last... depends on luck. If you are lucky, you can catch a few breaths. than.

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    Zhong Wei step by step did not intend to intervene in the war between Burma and Great Britain immediately, and he had to wait until the French army in Vietnam was dealt with before the sky fell. Gantang phosphate mine is the largest in Asia? These high-quality phosphate rocks are the best raw materials to produce phosphate fertilizers, and phosphate fertilizers play a key role in agricultural production. Rua Dat is cooperating with the Viet Cong to bring a large number of equipment through to completely renovate the mine and increase production. In addition, Gantang is not only a phosphate rock, but also has many rare metal symbiotic mines, all of which are money!

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    Then this guy put the ambassador and a number of important personnel on a plane and returned to Russia to "interact" with this country.

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    Of course, Chen Yi was even more satisfied with the results of this meeting... He successfully planted the seeds of armed resistance against the British in the hearts of these two young people, and by that way, he gained two good friends for New China —— These two people were very generous in giving food crop seeds and the construction of the Tazara Railway to New China.