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    don't believe you can directly possess the strength of an S-level badge! Otherwise, if you have this kind of strength, you simply cannot talk to us properly! The tree man said firmly: "Anyone! I know anyone! After they gain power, they will become complacent, forget who they really are, and will naturally begin to despise everyone who people around are not as good as themselves, and they can't help but exude that superiority from their souls! I'm like this Yes, the rest of us are like this too, I can't believe you're not like this! So, since you, like us, will feel complacent after gaining a little power, then as long as you have the strength of an S-class medal, you You must not treat us as the same! It's your first time coming to Zhanzheng Academy, and you performed like this for the first time. You have a bright future! Even if you go directly to the dean, the dean is probably willing to go directly accept you as a disciple!"

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    "I thought so again." Lanning Xiaoxi said and put the cup made by Wang Han on his table, understanding what she meant, she kept this cup, but Wang Han pretended not to have it, seeing Lanning Xiaoxi's small action, he He really wanted to collect this. This was the first time he used quality sources to write a mug. I have thoughts about keeping it, but the other side is As for Lan Ning Xiaoxi's words, he has nothing to do, he can Haven't spoken rudely at this time, right? That's too unclear about your own position.

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    "Look at this matter from another angle, look at Lanning Wanghan, if it wasn't for Lanning Xiaoxi coming to Zhanzheng Academy this time, we would never have known that such a scary person existed in the Lanning family! "

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    "That's it." Ly The Tong understood and stood up, "Let's go outside and talk. I know there are some good places to eat outside this building."

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    Lanning Xiaoxi said heartily, when she looked at Wang Han before, she was a little proud, after all she was still 18 years old. , but now? Wang Han actually had a 28 point computing power in just one month! This is simply not something humans can do! You must know that her father's comprehensive computing power seems to be only 280 points! So increasing computing power is really not a simple matter! It is very, very, very difficult to increase computing power! It takes a lot of effort to do that! Especially flexibility in thinking, this is not something that just needs to be smart to achieve, it requires a lot of hard work to increase persistence in thinking, and better communication ability! But Vuong Han said that... He said it again, it seemed like there was no impasse...

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    But don't worry, my strategy is not that simple. One needle is not enough, is two needles enough? There are a lot of them now, based on the feeling above, he likes the arena environment to be relatively fair, at least in the arena he can step on others, others can also step on him, the opportunity is really great. little, it's not that he's unwilling, but because a long time ago, his total fighting power far exceeded those around him, no one in the arena could defeat him, he had faced each other head-on. Now this kind of opportunity has come, Li Luyuan is not bad, and his strength is really good, this shield is really not bad.

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    She was new here, and a lot about Skyline could only be understood through the influence the two teachers, of course, had on the Nightmare Stone and the Scroll of God and Evil, these two times first heard on the way here When the two teachers mentioned it, she just felt that this thing was very powerful, but if she said she would find this thing in the future and then take it , Gan Qian didn't think about this level of things. Her general attitude towards herself was still relatively calm, but I never thought that I had just arrived at this horizon, and then no long time ago, I had both the Nightmare Stone and the Scroll of God... Dare to think of something.

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    Wow, who is that person sitting on top of us? Was he not in the train but sitting on top of it? Now that he's going so fast, won't he fall out of the car? No On day 1, the train carrying 200 people successfully passed through the circular area towards the opening of the horizon, and now someone on the train has apparently spotted this guy sitting on top of them . Everyone talked a lot, this person was naturally Vuong Han. When the train was about to start, Vuong Han chose to sit at the front of the train car, so as not to crowd Manh Manh inside. On the contrary, coaching, he will be happy and leisurely, but such a frequent move falls in the eyes of others, which is a bit presumptuous. At least the speed of the train is so fast, and you choose to sit outside the train, this kind of behavior is really not something normal people can do.

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    “Am I worthy?” Lanning Xiaoxi bared her white teeth and said: "Oh, then I'm not worthy, so you can't fool me no matter how much you trick me."

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    When several people's faces became very unsightly, Bo Da directly waved his hand, "I don't care, I will die anyway, as if no one had ever died! When the time comes, I will tell you!" What? are you in the future? Anyway, don't come to me for this, I have no way to solve this kind of thing! You must know that the man we are facing now is not an ordinary existence, let alone why his strength was equal to mine that year, he also said that the back was equal to Li Luyuan, and equal to the little duck! Very different , Okay!?"

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    So, things are a bit troublesome now, Mi Qixin sighed deeply, "We need this Lanning Wanghan much more than the people in other states and counties, but after seeing a strong man As such, people from other states and districts may have come here to curry favor. At that time, relying only on the two of us, we will definitely not be able to directly fight with other states and districts. , our side won't have a chance to win... Then let's go pay a visit to Prince Lanning What are you doing, Han? We won't have a chance!"

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    “That's it.” When Lam Ninh Tieu Hi said so, she also thought in her heart, "I currently do not have rebirth talent. Otherwise, if I had rebirth talent, my whole body would not be infinitely direct compared to direct calculation." ." Strength situation? Mainly there is no way to condense the Void Sea... If I can directly condense the Void Sea, I can directly operate the Rebirth Emblem in the Void Sea , moreover the Rebirth Symbol can suck the soul from the space-time rift to provide me... But think about this, the soul also needs to be transformed, soul nature and source quality are two things different. Father Xi's level, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do all this. Then this old Lanning Xiaoxi is very strong, doesn't he know that souls can be reincarnated?

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    Vuong Han was speechless, as if because he didn't know how to do some exaggerated things, Porphyrin showed a puzzled look, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: "Master, if I said I would enter this place." ruins, and being locked up for more than ten years, I can only rely on these oil lamps to supplement my fighting strength, do you believe it? So if I directly breached these ruins, would you believe it more? Final. .. If I said that I fed my pet Mengmeng this so-called oil lamp in batches... would you believe it?”

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    "Ah, Ly Lo Nguyen, I can understand. I know this person, he has a conflicted relationship with our family, after all, he usually acts like I am very powerful, but anyway, I His strength is still very strong, right now I am not this Li Lo Nguyen's opponent at all, he can defeat me in an instant!" Lan Ninh Tieu Hi couldn't help but nod, then looked at Vuong Han and asked very confusedly: "What happened later? What's going on? It was Li Luyuan who caused trouble for you and said that he was threaten you."

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    Without the concept, the outline of the soul is just a puddle of stagnant water, it cannot move on its own, it uses the dantian method to obtain the soul origin, it cannot directly absorb the soul origin to repair the origin. . The soul is wounded inside. It had completely fallen into an existence without a master. Yes! Well... If you compare the form of the soul to an electric juicer, and your thoughts to electricity, in the absence of electricity, whether you put in the fruit to be transformed or Put in fruit juice that doesn't need to be transformed, it won't work." Thinking of this, Vuong Han was a little confused, "The key problem is how the outline of the soul knows if there are any thoughts in it. ?!”

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    This girl's name is Xiao Soso, the other students around her more or less have the same feeling. For them, if they come to Skyline to practice, this is absolutely an extremely important mission. , stupid behavior, I only have one. Think again later, why waste your life on simple meaningless things, after all, cultivation is only relative, today she can be compared to a rangers like porphyrin are a lot weaker, but can also be stronger than others, so how strong it is depends on who you compare it to. Wei Shushao didn't think he could develop to a high level, so he could find a stable job to do, and it was enough to be safe and stable with a little refreshment. Of course, at this point, Xiao Shushao wouldn't understand why Gan Qian was different from her, could she really be cultivating for the sake of cultivating?

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    Vuong Han stood up, exercised his muscles, walked around the room twice, went to the window, opened the window, took a deep breath and then closed the window, "Okay! I'm back to my senses! Then I will begin research on the soul itself! Step by step, finally, my soul explosion arrow can be produced directly! And in the process, my calculation ability can also be improved very quickly, that is according to my understanding Pure is more useful, killing two birds with one stone is also a good thing! The only thing that endures is my soul, pain must hurt, The soul does not allow self-destruction, this kind of thing involves hanging yourself to find the true meaning of life. It's very dangerous, one wrong step and you will fall into the abyss, so even though I have a lot of experience, I still I must be very careful about this matter, and I must not act too hastily!”

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    "Okay!" Manh Manh immediately nodded, the master and servant quickly disappeared. From this point of view, having too many people is really not a good thing.

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    Here, after Wang Han rearranged his thoughts, the door opened, the metal-looking door was opened from the inside, then, when Wang Han was about to greet Lanning Xiaoxi, he placed it before him. The face is a bit familiar, this person is naturally Bo Da, first he did not see directly in Ly Lo Nguyen, showing an extremely guilty expression towards Vuong Han, then looked at his hands bowed in front of him. me, the meaning is very clear... Brother, I don't want to come to you, I'm forced, I don't want to, but there's no other way, I still come here to bother you!

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    Xiaoxi, if you ask many questions at the same time, others will definitely not know how to answer. You should receive our situation first, then roughly talk about the other party's situation, whether it is dangerous or peaceful. , or how about, wait until your partner has finished explaining everything, give the other person time to think, and then you can ask your own question. The man smiled and said, looking at his daughter. cute appearance, he also feels very warm.

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    Just now I was thinking about this. The expression on Mi Qixin's face was a bit complicated. He also walked back and forth in the room twice, then said to Mi Qiyun: "We have no way to believe that this Lanning Wang Han will become a deserter! Really." is a shameful thing! It's really very humbling! So I'm very puzzled, what we all know, this Lanning Wang Han wouldn't know? He is Lanning The person of the family, let's not talk about his identity and what's going on behind the scenes, but on the surface, he is that man's child, the child of the man who led the A-series project! any sense of honor Come on!"

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